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Guru Griho

From Mymensingh

Nasirabad Girls' High School

Nasirabad Girls' High School, established at Ramkrishna Mission road area in Mymensingh and named after the town's original name - 'Nasirabad', has been serving the community for 55 years. The school has made major contributions towards female education of the town and adjacent areas.

Before becoming a formal institution, it was called 'National Medical School' and offered diploma education on medical science. The current school was established on 1.18 acres of land on 15 December 1964.

Since there was not a single high school specialized in female education in the area, the girls had to go to Muslim Girls' High School or Mohakali Girls' High School, both of which were quite distant from Ramkrishna Mission road, the major residential area. Many guardians were unwilling to send their girls so far away to schools of other areas, and this led to a few enthusiastic and educated individuals taking the initiative to establish a school for girls in the area. Dr. KP Ghosh, Dr. Captain Maqbul Hossain, Khorshed Ali Talukder, Dr. Poresh Roy, Mehdi Khan and Ashraf Ali Kashem, among others, played vital roles in establishing the school. The school received official recognition in 1966. Today, the school's curriculum includes all groups - Science, Humanities and Commerce.

Those who acted as the heads of the school are - Khorshida Begum (1964-1965), Chhanda Roy (1965-2004), Mizanur Rahman (2004-2007), Rokshana Begum (2007-2008) and Ajita Rani Pal (2009). The present head is Monwara Begum.

Chhanda Roy, the only headmistress who was in office for 39 years, said “when I took the charge of the school as its head in 1965, the number of the students was only 60. But after liberation, within ten years, the number of students increased to 1200!” She also said that primary education was added to the school's list of services later on. She informed Star Insight that the school is one of the best in the district. The school is still renowned for its meritorious students and for its extra-curricular activities. The students who perform extra-curricular activities, such as cultural activities, always perform better in their lives once they graduate from the school, she added.

At numerous occasions, the girls of the school staged dance dramas 'Mahua', a significant chapter of the Mymensingh Geetika, 'Nakshi Kanthar Math' of palli-kabi Jasim Uddin and 'Avishar' of Rabindranath Tagore in and outside the school, bringing fame for the themselves and their institution. A few students who have done well in extra-curricular activities are: Tahmina Begum, Ela Noor Akhtar, Shishilia Shilpi Quraiya, Ratna Qundu and Nayma Rahman.

Dr. Nibedita Roy Dhola, an alumnus of the school said, “The sweet school days would never come back but the memories of those days and the company of my fellow classmates will always remain in my memory”. Selina Khatun Siddika, another alumnus of the school expressed her gratitude to the school saying “The school has produced many talents who are serving the nation now and I hope such contribution will continue for the years to come”. Monwara Begum, the present headmistress of the school, also an alumna, said that the result in SSC level is satisfactory and that they are constantly trying to improve.

Everything is not perfect however, and the school does have challenges that need to be addressed for the school to be able to continue to offer quality education. For example, a library with sufficient books and internet connection and an auditorium with modern facilities need to be established so that the students have easy access to knowledge and can keep up with the competitive world.



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