Volume 2 Issue 70| November 21, 2009 |


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Editor's Note

Of Icons

What makes an icon an icon? What allows them to transcend their two dimensional confines - be it the TV-screen, the facade of a poster, a book perhaps - skip the third, and jump larger than life right into the heart of our reality? Is it just their revolutionary gusto or their tinseltown glamour that gives them such universal appeal, or is their something more to it? Because if there is no hidden force behind their gravity, what differentiates a true icon from an also ran? On a more cynical vain, are their such things as icons at all, or are they just brazen capitalist schemes designed to play on our emotions and lighten our wallets?

This week's issue we take a look at the revival of the Suchitra Sen phenomenon in Pabna. This iconic lady of the Bangla cinema who has enthralled generations of film-goers, is back in the silver screen in Pabna and is apparently causing a bit of a stir. Also in this issue, the date of the Celebrating Life 2009 Award Giving Ceremony! And this time its for real, we promise.

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