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Editor's Note

Optimistically Speaking

In these times of financial meltdownss, wars of attrition, politicized extremism, one cannot really be blamed from being somewhat paranoid of the world around him. The images of violence, of peoples divided and at each other's throats, of fear being beamed around world every day in their terabytes can only intensify this paranoia, strengthen its empirical and rational basis. The more optimistic of us would perhaps say that granted our time is not all roses and strawberry icecream, but the singular supply of negativity can sometimes make one wonder if our little global village is not suffering from an outbreak of the hypochondria epidemic. The less optimistically inclined might say, thus spoke the hopeless optimist.

Our cover story this week is one for the optimists however. Over the years, the Katyani puja of Magura has tranformed itself from a religious rite into a five day party, open for all, regardless of race or religion. In these cynical times, the positive vibes of Katyani beats, the togetherness and solidarity that is exudes, is remarkable. Another story to lookout for is our Behind the Scenes feature, where we talk to a group of speech-impaired entrepreneurs who has made optimism their prime capital.

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