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Editor's note

On Valentine's Day

Its that time of the year again. Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's Day. A quick glance through the Wikipedia entry on Valentine's Day would confirm the day of love to be a pretty common phenomenon, albeit in different guises, for many cultures around the globe. Yet for a day that celebrates such a universally human emotion, it can be strangely divisive at times. Depending on where one is in his or her life on this particular day in February, it is either a day of over-priced roses and mass-produced emotions masquerading as greeting cards, of pretentiously small servings of food at pretentiously well-staffed outlets, of Hallmark driven corporate hash, or - perhaps for the more fortunate ones - it is a day to reaffirm that wonderfully fuzzy little four letter word forever and ever and without reserve. Whichever camp you find yourself in tomorrow, we wish you a happy Valentine's.

In this issue's cover story, we talk to Baul Shahjahan Munshi for his take on music and life. Also in this issue is an article on the 30th founding anniversary of Nalta Mitali Kochi Kanchar Mela, one of the oldest children's organizations of the country. The story of the Pineapple Girl continues, and with no end in sight, expect a few more installments coming your way.


Saba El Kabir
From the Insight Desk


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