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Editor's note

Do the Evolution

Why is it important for us to make a conscious effort towards preserving our intangible cultural heritages? After all, do not the Darwinian imperatives of evolution apply, in some form or other, to all - animate, inanimate or abstract? If it did, it would follow that the fittest cultural products of humanity would continually prevail over the weaker products, forever refining our cultural mosaic, perpetually upping the ante on our imaginations. But if a piece of heritage was to go down the rungs of the evolutionary ladder due in no parts to its intrinsic merits - or lack thereof - but rather, due to social transformations that rip through the cultural fabric of its patron people, then the evolutionary imperatives become a moot point.

This is the unfortunate scenario facing the Nathjugis, the subjects of our cover story, who find their cultural legacy in an increasingly precarious position. Also in this issue, we have the rather uplifting tale of Malekha Khatun, who went from the brink of committing suicide due to abject poverty to a being a successful entrepreneur. Also, watch out for the approaching finale of the Pineapple Girl.


Saba El Kabir
From the Insight Desk


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