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Behind The Scene

From Jhenidah

The Bounties of Cattle

Poor cattle trader turns millionaire

Azibor Rahman

Ashaduzzaman's father was a day labour, who didn't have the opportunity to see the inside of a classroom as a child. Ashaduzzaman could not study in his life due to extreme poverty and eventually circumstances compelled him to become a cattle trader. His trade turned out to be a boon, enabling him to earn his millions.

Ashaduzzaman is 50 years old, son of late Habibur Rahman, and currently resides at Bhatoi village under Jhenidah sadar upazila. In 2002, he opened a cattle farm close to his house where he rears different species of cattle. His net worth is currently around one crore, which includes 18 cattle which is worth around Tk 40 lakh and 20 bighas of land which is worth around Tk 45 lakh.

He sells his cattle in different marketplaces in Bangladesh including Bhatoi Bazar, Kaliganj bazar, Kotchandpur bazar, Baro bazar. He has appointed two men to look after the cattle all day long. Tarikul, one of the workers, said that he is responsible for the wellbeing of the cattle, and for giving them Khud, bran of wheat, feed and gram.

Ashaduzzaman told Star Insight that he usually purchases young cows at prices between sixty to seventy thousand takas. After about a year of looking after them and making them healthier, he sells the cows at around one lakh twenty thousand takas. Once he bought a few cows at one lakh thirty thousand takas per cow and sold each of them at two lakh eighty thousand or three lakh ahead of Eid-ul-Azha. He usually takes his prime cattle to Dhaka Gabtoli and Sagarika market in Chittagong prior to Eid-ul-Azha.

He has three sons, the eldest of which is Salim Parvej, currently studying Honours in Mathematics at KC College. His second son is the student of 2nd year and the 3rd one is in KG one. People from neighboring villages come to visit his cattle firm. He lives a content life with his sons and wife.

Ashaduzzaman mentioned that entry of Indian cattle ahead of Eid can potentially cause heavy losses for domestic suppliers like him. So he earnestly requests the government to take stern action to stop easy entry of Indian cattle in Bangladesh. According to Md. Nayeb Ali Joarder, the Chairman of Shailkupa Pourashova, Ashaduzzaman is an honest man. His honesty in business has led him to success and prosperity.

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