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Monosha Mongol

Chandra Shagar, the great merchant has refused to worship Monosha, the Serpent Godess, and they have been locked in battle. Monosha has unleashed all her fury on the mortal, but Chandra Shagar, armed with a weapon endowed to him by Shib himself, has repelled each one of the Serpent Goddess's attacks. In defeat, Monosha seeks vengeance, and kills Chandra Shagar's six sons. Anurudha and Usha, from their place in the heavens, watch on as the bodies of the dead sons are set afloat on the mighty Padma.

Anurudho : Usha, Oi Choyti Bheshe Jacche Ki?
Usha : Ukotha Shunle Birombona Ghotbe.
Anurudho : Taholeo Shunibo.
Usha : Kotha Shunle Rijol Ghotbe.
Anurdho : Taholeo Shunibo.
Usha : Chondro Shagorer Choyti Putro Shorpaghate Mritto Hoiyache.
Tai Oi Choyti Putro Bheshe Jacche.
Anurudho : Uhader Uddhar Ache Kise?
Usha : Uhader Uddhar Ache Apnar Abong Amar Moddhe.
Anuruddho : Amar Ar Tomar Moddhe. A Abar Kirokom Kotha?
Usha : Apnar Jonmo Hobe Chompla Nogore Ar Amar Jonmo Hobe Ujani Nogore.

Tomar Shonge Amar Hobe Biye. Shondhakale Hobe Biye Jabo Bashor Ghore. Nishikale Bashor Ghore Dongshibe Podmar Kal Nage, Nager Bata Hoste Nibo Apnake Nibo Kole Choy Mashe Bheshe Jabo Jamunar Jole. Tarpor Pouchi Amra Deber Nogore. Tobey Ihader Uddhar Ache.

Kotha : Shiber Konna Indro Shbhai Jacche Ki Bakkobole?
Uttore : Shey Bakkobole Shrotagone Shrobon Koruk.

Dhuya : U, Ure Koto Maya Janore A-Jano.
Poyar : Dhire Dhire Mata Padma Korilo Gomon.
Shiber Oi Koilashe Giya Dilo Dorshon.
Padma Bole Pita Tomar Chorne Kori Nibedon.

Shokol Debotar Dilen Puja Proti Ghore Ghore, Aamra Puja Dilen Pita Chondro Banir Ghore
Ato Bakko Shiber Konna Je Matro Bolilo,Nittokini Bole Thakur Dakite Lagilo.
Dak Matro Anurodha Uponito Holo.
Anurudho : Usha, what are those six floating away?
Usha : If you heard their tale, you would be saddened.
Anurudho : I want to know.
Usha : If you heard their tale, you would be hurt.
Anurudho : I still want to know.
Usha : There float the six sons of Chandra Shagar, they who died from the venom of a serpent.
Anurudho : In what lies their salvation?
Usha : Their salvation lies in you and me.
Anurudho : In you and me? What kind of talk is that?
Usha : You1 will be born in Chompla city, and I will be born in Ujani city. You and I will marry, and in the evening we will enter the conjugal chamber. In the morning, the venomous serpent of Padma will strike. I will grab the serpent by its jaws, hold you by your waist, and float down Jamuna for six months.

Question2 : What power can take the daughter of Shib to Hall of the God's?
Answer : He who wants to know, listen.
Dhuya : Oh, how much we know.
Poyar : Slowly and steadily arrived Mother Padma
To the court of Shib she went.
Padma said, I put myself at your feet.
All the gods are worshipped in all homes of mortals, I was worshipped in the home of Chandra Bani.
Once Padma uttered these lines, the Lord called forth the other.
Thus called, Anurudho ascends.

1 Here the formal pronoun 'Apnar' was used. In later instances the more familiar 'Tumi' or 'Tumar' is used.
2 This line, and that following it, said by an announcer, is a device used to help the audience understand the plot better.

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