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Behind the Scene
From Jhenaidah

Jhenidah's Abdul Gafur becomes exemplary by schooling at 65

A man from Jhenidah is proving beyond any shadow of doubt that education is, indeed, for everyone. Azibor Rahman reports.

Azibor Rahman

Usually, when an old man retires from his work or service, he spends his days in leisure or lives a quiet life. However, a 65-year-old man in Jhenidah has set a unique example by enrolling his name in a local Madrasah. His name is Abdul Gafur and he hails from the village of Ratanhat in Jhenidah sadar upazila. Moshiar Rahman, a teacher of the Laudia Madrasah informed Star Insight that Abdul Gafur joined as a student of class five in 2005. Since then, he has been meritoriously promoted every year.

He was found absent at Laudia Madrasah on Thursday. Upon visiting his home, Abdul Gafur was seen busy reading on his porch. He told me that due to financial constraints he had not been able to complete his education. He had, however, always retained the thirst for knowledge. In 2005 he finally got his chance and enrolled his name in class five with the intention of attaining a degree from any reputed educational institute.

A father of two children, Abdul Gafur said, “If one has the intention of doing good, one must ignore all opposing bars and norms set by society.” Ignoring the protests from his family, he had begun studying alongside students who were no older than his grandchildren.

Abdul Gafur's younger son Ashraful Islam, who studies in a local college, said that on weekdays his father goes with him to attend classes. Although he faced a bit of social opposition in the beginning, the problems diminished within a short time.

Alauddin, another teacher of the Madrasah, praised Abdul Gafur's attentiveness and punctuality. “Gafur is a friend to every student and teacher. He does not miss any of his classes,” the teacher added.



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