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From Jhenaidah

Physically Challenged Sabina and Musha in Distress

Against all odds, a family struggles to lead as good a life as possible. This touching story of a distressed family doubles as an inspiration to all.

Azibor Rahman

Sabina and Musha are siblings. They are both physically challenged like their father Sheikh Khoaj Uddin; the challenge runs in their family's genes. Khoaj Uddin, Sabina and Musha create a burden on their family and they are in great distress.

Khoaj Uddin and his two children and wife lives in Arpara village under Kaliganj Pourashova in Jhenidah. Khoaz Uddin only has one finger in each hand and foot and, as a result, he cannot do any work in the household or in the field. His wife Rezia Khatun works as domestic help and supports the family. Very often they remain unfed. The children cry out being unable to tolerate hunger, and are left malnourished and deficient. Consequently, they cannot attend school regularly, but they try to continue their studies despite their miseries. Sabina is a student of class seven at Ayesha Khatun Girls' School and Musha is a student of class five at BRAC Primary School, both of which are located in Arpara village.

Khoaj Uddin works as a day labour. When he finds work, he earns a meager 60 tk per day for hard labour. Sadly, finding work is not common and very often he fails to earn his keep. He told Star Insight that he wishes to set up a tea stall with which he would be able to run a humble business, maintain his family and bear the expenses of his children's education.

Rezia Khatun, mother of Sabina and Musha said that they have to shift their tiny hut four times a year. Apparently, influential leaders compel them to shift. She added that she would pray to Allah if any man with a kind heart would contribute something for their survival as well as the education of their two children.

Sabina said that she regretted having been born in such a family. She expressed that she wishes to study to become self-dependent. The headmistress of Aysha Khatun Girls' School said that Sabina is a meritorious student, but due to her problems she cannot attend school regularly and that hinders her development as a student.

Another teacher of the madrasa, Alauddin, was praiseful of Abdul Gafur's attentiveness and punctuality. He is a friend to every student and teacher. “Gafur does not miss any of his classes,” the teacher added.




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