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Behind the Scene
From Jhenidah

Follow up - A man with a great heart lends a helping hand

In today's cutthroat society, there still exist exemplary human beings.

Azibor Rahman

A kind-hearted man, who refused to disclose his name, donated 5,000/- BDT to Sabina and Musha for their education after reading the article titled “Physically Challenged Sabina and Musha in Distress” published in Star Insight on 28 August 2010.

On 9 September 2010, the UNO of Kaliganj Anjumanara Begum gave the amount to Sabina's father Khoaj Uddin at her office. At the time, the Daily Star's correspondent Azibor Rahman, Baishakhi TV's reporter Rafikul Islam Montu, Islamic TV's reporter Shiplu Zaman and Bhorer Dak's Reporter Siddiqur Rahman were present.

Sabina and Musha are physically impaired like their father. They possess only one finger in each hand and feet. Sabina's grandfather had suffered from the same condition. But Sabina and Musha are very sincere to their studies. They have already learnt how to write with the two fingers of their two hands. Sabina is a student of class seven and Musha is in class five. Their father is a day labourer. He cannot work like others as he has no fingers. Rezia Khatun, mother of Sabina, works as domestic help. It is quite impossible for them to feed their children properly let alone bear the expenditure of their education. Sabina and Musha want to be educated and they are determined to fight their way out of poverty. They want help from the well to do persons of the society.

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