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From Khagrachhari

A blessing for destitute women

Women in Bangladesh are becoming increasingly self-sufficient, and institutions
Uch as the one discussed herein are helping the progress.

Jasim Majumder

About 50 women, mostly belonging to destitute families, have been provided with shelter and training to raise their level of skilled, confidence and independence. Another 50 women are still in the process of taking lessons on tailoring, at Ramgorh Zone Mohila Samaj Unnyan Samity under Ramgorh upazila in Khagrachhari district.

Ramgorh 11-BDR Battalion has taken up the responsibility of organizing such training facilities and helping the homeless, poor and destitute and gives them hope for a better future.

This organization not only provides training, but also provides work opportunities for trainees. After successfully completing the training, most of them are offered jobs and provided with all sorts of assistance to make them financially solvent.

The wages of the workers depend on their performance on a daily basis. Most of the females who work with the organization can earn an average of Tk.150-200 every day, which a very good amount of money for these women.

Those who are not interested to work inside the Ramgorh Mohila Samaj Unnayon center can work independently in their own house or outside, in accordance with their own wishes. The same BDR battalion authority also grants loans and supplies other necessities including sewing machines so that some of the women can set up businesses on their own. The workers can pay back loans in installments without having to pay an interest.

BDR is also opening a sales center in the middle of Ramgorh Bazar and have recruited 3 members of local ethnic communities to help run the centre. Manu Chowdhury, the manager of the sales center, informed Star Insight that the work done in Ramgorh Zone Mohila Samaj Unnayan Samity reduces poverty. “They help us boost our confidence and we acquire power with which we can do anything,” said a worker.

Rupali Tripura, another saleswoman of the same organization, said that her parents were unhappy about her poor merits. She was not a good student and her parents were anxious about her future. However, through her new job she proved that she can be independent and can earn her own living. “I never thought that I had the power to run a business center but now that dream has become true! Thanks to the Ramgorh 11 BDR Battalion.” she said.

Mohammad Sabkat Uddin, a constable of the battalion said that the commanding officer of his battalion runs the centers to give destitute women a shelter where they can learn a trade using which they can earn a living. “While protecting the borders, it is also our duty to look after the destitute with a sympathetic attitude” he said.

Captain Rakib of the Ramgorh-11 BDR Battalion told reporters that the organization made a profit of Tk. 50,000 last month, which was divided amongst the women working at the organization.

Ramgorh-11 BDR Battalion Commanding Officer Lt. Colonel Abdul Gaffar said they established the organization aiming to rehabilitate the destitute girls and women and give them the power to earn and manage their own families.

Such initiatives prove that a woman in rural Bangladesh need not be a poor family's burden. They can work just like men
, contribute to the family and they deserve their share of respect.

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