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Guru Griho
From Habiganj

Anondo Niketon, where enjoyment is constant

Given today's rapid advance towards the extinction of culture, an institute in Sylhet is Constantly fighting to keep it alive.

Ujjol Das

On 16th December 1999, a group of merrymaking youths were singing to celebrate Victory Day when the owner of the harmonium they were using, a neighbour, interrupted them as he claimed back the instrument. Two months later, on the 18th of February 2000, a group of dreamers realized their dream by founding a school called 'Home of Joy' or 'Anondo Niketon'. With the sweat and effort of everyone involved, the institution has stepped into its tenth year. February 18th 2010 was the tenth anniversary of it's founding.

Anondo Niketon treasures the unadulterated love of the people. They're continually working towards instilling the traditions of Bengal into the hearts of the young. Decorated by the resounding melodies of children, Anondo Niketon teaches singing, percussion, art, recitation, dance, puppetry, acting, children's reading circle 'Anondo Bhubon', etc. At the school, the students attend workshops, celebrate national days and arrange many a pledge drive to assist the affected when there are disasters. Throughout the year, the school is alive with plenty of celebrations and events: art competitions, bicycle rallies for an anti-drugs campaign, a show consisting of films based on the Liberation War (attended by real freedom fighters), street drama, puppet shows, flute shows, etc.

The reputable organizations that Anondo Niketon has collaborated with over the years are: The British Council, Manchester Contact Theater, Node Link, The Chickenshade Theater, The London Theater, The Royal Stratford East London, The Humanist Movement Italy, etc.

Recently, veteran educator Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal said, 'I am overwhelmed; Anondo Niketon is inspiring the new generation to muster the courage for honesty. I will come here many times for a touch of good, clean entertainment. In order to gain this achievement, a long and difficult path has been covered, with more to go.The progress has been greatly assisted by culture lovers acting behind the scenes. With whatever funds were available at one's disposal, be it monthly donations, member contributions, house rents, or tution fees, everyone has contributed to helping Anondo Niketon become what it is today.'

Anondo Niketon's goal is to establish the 'Anondo Niketon Cultural Institute' with the combined effort and love of all, where the upcoming generations will sing the national anthem.

Let us accompany this wonderful idea and see to its realization. Let the practices of this organization live for years to come!


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