Volume 2 Issue 92| October 23, 2010 |


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Shoneka Krittok Monosha Puja

Joy Joy Dhoni Kore, Puje Rama Bisshwahori,
Tumi Debi Jogoter Mata.
Bipoder Poritran, Tumi Bine Nahi An,
Tumi Debi Shonkor Duhita.
Tumi Joti, Tumi Soti, Tumi Mata Poddaboti,
Dhonoputro Tumi Je Dayini.
Bipod Sompod Tumi, Tumi Debi Ontorjami,
Tumi Debi Shrishti Songharini.
Ai Kripa Koro Aha, Nirontor Puji Toma,
Lobe Puja Horoshito Mone.
Ai Bor Dao More, Chad, Shami, Jonmantore,
Palon Koribe Dhone Jone.
Dijjo Boloram Bhone, Shuno Raja Shabodhane,
Choy Putro Pele Padma Kore.
Tomake Ashish Bhal, Shukhe Robe Shorbo, Chad Jodi Bad Nahi Kore.

Monosha Puja By Shoneka
The shouts of joy resound, in the worship of the enchantress of the world,
The mother of the universe.
You are the Saviour, without you there is no rescue,
Goddess daughter of the Lord.
You are the Light, You are the Pure, You are the Mother Padmdboti,
You are the giver of all.
The rescuer in times of trouble, the possessor of infinite knowledge,
And the destroyer of existence.
Bless me so that I can worship you for an eternity,
And that my devotion brings you happiness.
Give me this blessing, so that the moon, the husband, my next life,
Remain in your service.
Prayers to the mighty Ram
Was answered with six sons.
With you by our side, all will be well,
Unless the Moon is otherwise inclined.


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