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Behind the Scene
From Jhenaidah

Jamil Rasheed: A Life of Teaching

An educated man has the ability to overcome his daily troubles with ease, as it comes naturally to him to solve problems that he faces. But how does one come to become educated? Hard work definitely, but more importantly through a good teacher. Only a good teacher can properly educate another

Azibor Rahman

What determines the quality of education in an institution? Is it the curriculum? Is it the infrastructure? Is it the discipline of the students? Yes, all those are vital ingredients. But the lynchpin of proper education is the quality of the teaching staff, and the Head of the institution who brings it all together.

Md. Jamil Rasheed has been teaching for decades, and his commitment towards his students demand reverence. Thousands of students and guardians praise his sincerity and perseverance. He is now a retired Headmaster who passes his days reciting the Holy Quran and reading religious booklets. He resides at Kacherkol village under Shailokupa upazila in Jhenidah. It is people like him who have enlightened dark ignorant corners of Bangladesh with the light of knowledge; who have equipped thousands to grasp opportunities towards a better life.

Born to late Mr. Rahudur Rahman of Kacherkon village, Rasheed is a veteran educationalist who comes from a respectable Muslim family. He completed his SSC in 1965, HSC in 1967, BA in 1969, BED in 1974 and MED in 1980. Furthermore, he completed a degree from the Institute of Education and Research (IER) from Dhaka University. He was married in 1973.

From his boyhood he was fond of teaching. This inclination led him to take up the job of a teacher, a profession in which he is renowned. Eventually, he went on to become the headmaster at Benipur Secondary School. He started teaching in the year 1970 at Benipur Secondary School under Shailkupa upazila and later he joined Mariumnessa Girls' Secondary School in 1976. He joined Garagnaj Secondary School as its Headmaster in 1976 and continued working there till 1991. Afterwards, he joined Harinarayanpur Secondary School under Kushtia district or a brief period of time, and then started working for Benipur Secondary School, a school that was established a hundred years ago in Shailokupa upazila in Jhenidah.

He served as Headmaster of Benipur Secondary School till 2009, when he retired. During his term, he was given the responsibilities of an English Examiner as well as of the Head Examiner several times under BISE of Jessore. His awards include the Best Teacher Award which he received during the National Education Week in Jhenidah in 2002, and Jhenidah Foundation honoured his role as an educationalist as well in 2004.

Md. Rasheed is involved in different social works through various local institutions. He informed Star Insight that he intends to perform Hajj when his financial ability supports it. At the moment, he is living happily with his four sons and two daughters. His eldest daughter, following his footsteps, is serving as a Lecturer in the English Department at Government KC College in Jhenidah.


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