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From Pabna

The memories of three martyred brothers must be remembered

“My three younger brothers sacrificed their lives for the nation. This has broughtpride to our family, but we are unlucky that there is little to no assistance from the government level towards our family.” Says Kuddus Pramanik.
Ahmed Humayun Kabir Topu

The country observed the 39 anniversary of independence on December 16. Yet, most families of the freedom fighters and martyrs are still fighting for existence drowned in poverty and negligence. Like them, the families of the three brothers - Shahid Idris, Shahid Riddik and Shahid Asad - who sacrificed their lives during the liberation war commemorate the valiant roles of their dear ones, but the people of the district often are unawares of their daily struggles.

“My three younger brothers sacrificed their lives for the nation. This has brought pride to our family, but we are unlucky that there is little to no assistance from the government level towards our family.” Kuddus Pramanik, the elder brother of the martyrs told the Daily Star. The wives and children of the martyrs have been facing hardship for 39 years now.

Of the three martyred brothers Idris was married and he left two wives and 6 children during his martyrdom while Riddik and Asad were unmarried during this time. They were martyred in the first week of the December in 1971 in the battle grounds, eldest brother Kuddus claimed.

The family revealed that the children of the martyred grew up through sustenance and help from their relatives and the villagers of their community.

Maleka Khatun, widow of martyr Idris, lamented that the government under Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib's tenure used to provide the family with some allowances. Even these came to a stop, and it has been 35 years since.

The widow further expressed her grief saying, “I have lost my husband in the war for liberation, and I am proud of it. But I feel shock when people do not remember or recognize him for the ultimate sacrifice of his life for the people of this country.”

The family members and the surviving freedom fighters from the village say that Riddik was martyred fighting against occupation troops and the collaborators at Sadirajpur village at the very beginning of December, in 1971. Idris and Asad gave their lives to glory just two days later in Muladuli.

Family members of the three martyrs said that Idris was then a driver to the deputy commissioner office. He had left his job to join the liberation movement at the very beginning of its instigation. He used to gather arms from the Pabna Police Line Magazine with other freedom fighters. He later joined the battles of the war and had fought to free Pabna in the first phase. With inspiration from their elder brother, Riddik and Asad joined the liberation war after being trained in Darjiling, and Kolkata. Freedom fighters said that the three brothers were the inspirations they needed during the liberation war.

“The three freedom fighter brothers were the inspiration to us in the battle field. They made us valiant when we fought.” freedom fighter Babi Islam said. “They sacrificed their lives for independence, but we are unlucky as we can not honor them properly, even though they are the best sons of this soil”, Islam added.

When contacted, the commander of Pabna district unit Muktijudhha Shangshad, Habibur Rahman Habib said, “We have to keep their memories and spirits for the better inspiration to the generations”.

The villagers had established a primary school by the name of martyr Riddik. But the name of the school was changed to Pravati School due to the lack of economic support. The villagers still demand restoration to the name of the school. “Changing the name of the school, after establishing it by the name of martyr Riddik, is a matter of shame. We want to reestablish the name of the school to the name of freedom fighter Riddik.” SM Alam, a photojournalist, and also the resident of embankment road area told the Daily Star.



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