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Inside Outside

Andrew Biraj Won The World Press Photo Award 2011

Andrew Biraj, the photojournalist for Reuters in Bangladesh has won the most prestigious World Press Photo Award 2011. Biraj has been declared to be one of the elite awardees in the world's most acclaimed press photography award in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on February 12, 2011.

Nineteen members of high profile jury consisting of picture editors, curators, photographers and representatives of press agencies from around the world declared Andrew Biraj the recipient of 3rd Prize in Daily life category as World Press Photo Foundation announced it worldwide on February 12, 2011 from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Andrew Biraj will receive his award during an awards ceremony in Amsterdam on Saturday, 7 May 2011. The jury gave prizes in nine themed categories to 55 photographers of 23 nationalities.

This year, a record number of 108,059 images were submitted to the contest. The number of participating photographers was 5,847, representing 125 different nationalities.

The awards ceremony is preceded by a two-day program of lectures, discussions and screenings of photography. The exhibition of prize-winning photography will be shown at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam from 22 April to 19 June and subsequently visit over 100 locations around the world.

He Left Before I Could Say Goodbye

Partha Jit Sarker, November 1984 - January 2011

Achild while growing up shows many traits to his parents, that are pondered upon by them as to what profession the child will grow up to make his own. But, each and every child takes birth with a right to choose his own path in life. Partha Jit Sarker was just such a child with very many potentials while growing up, strongest of which was his gift of music. From a very early age it was evident that he would excel in music if he pursued it. As time passed on his many small contributions reflected upon his skills to pave his path towards greatness in music. While he was just in his mid-twenties, he came a long way as he has extended his list of affiliations with renowned artistes. This would not have been as easy as it was for him if it was not for his demeanor and character. He was humble, helpful and polite. We started off as acquaintances from Chayanot, and he had helped me out through the troubles I was facing in music. Due to his soft nature and friendliness, we became very close very fast. Based on our close relation, he had one day asked a favor of me. He wanted to debut himself in an episode hosted by me with guest renowned singer Subir Nandi on the ABC Radio. I had said no, and explained that such a feat was not possible on such short notice and that he needed to rise higher as a musician before he would be allowed to come on the show with Subir Nandi. Being very emotional, as well, Partha had taken the rejection hurtfully and had stopped speaking to me for a long time. I was hurt by his reaction, by how he had misunderstood me, and how immaturely he had acted for not trying to understand the whole situation. Being so, I had stopped contacts with him as well, as I did not want to badger him and wanted to give him his space. After a few months he had come up to me and apologized for his behavior. Personally, I have always wanted to create opportunities for him so that he may excel in music, but debuting him with a great artiste as Subir Nandi was not appropriate. Even though I never spoke to him of how I wanted to create opportunities for him, I have always thought of promoting Partha. Alas, not everything falls perfectly in place or comes to pass just through our wants and wishes. The first thought that materialized in my mind after I received the sad news of his passing away, was that of how he was saddened and how emotionally he had reacted while telling me how I did not give him the chance to be on a show with his idol. Absolute guilt had then surrounded me because I was the one to have refused one of his dreams, and that I would not be able to reach him anymore. Partha grabbed on to freedom from guilt from the moment he had uttered his apology to me, but I cannot say the same for myself. I cannot be freed from the guilt that burdens me for not being able to have done something for him, and to have refused him. If any of you reading this know where I can find Partha Jit Sarker, please don't hesitate to let me know. I would like to make my apologies to him and in turn bring peace to my mind.


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