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Celebrating Life Festival at Chittagong

Celebrating Life 2011 has started with a bang. The district tour held in the Chittagong was a huge success with overflowing attendance. It was even more special this time around with many intellectuals of the country attending the celebrations.

Munmun Ahmed performing her Katthak Piece and Classical team playing songs to Munmun's dance

The festival was held at the Pool Side of the Chittagong Club on March 22, 2011. The night kicked off with anchor Bhaswar Bandapadhay inviting The Daily Star's Editor Mahfuz Anam to the stage to inaugurate the evening. Followed by a couple of speeches from the organizers of the competition, the function dove into the cultural part of the event with a recitation by the anchor. Local singer of the port city Swarnamay Chakrabarty sang beautifully to give the programme the start it needed. Munmun Ahmed's Katthak piece, next on the agenda, had left the audience inspired by her skills in dance. The show ended perfectly with a well balanced blend of songs performed by Fahmida Nabi, her troop, and Neepo.

Guests watching and experiencing the show intently

The guests were entertained and their senses of sight and sound were more than satiated. It would seem all but the sense of taste was left behind. That's where one would be wrong. The evening would not have been complete without the feast that followed the show for all the attending guests!


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