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Gaaner Daal Praaner Daal searching
music to heal yourself

Rafi Hossain

Is it really true that music can heal a person? Is it really possible to transform oneself through music? What, then, is the sound of silence?

Whenever one thinks deeply on the subject of music, these questions are bound to arise. I think those who have meditated and made music their lives are the only ones that at some point are able to stumble upon the answers to these questions. And truly, music then becomes a vital instrument in purposes of healing the soul. Mystique Bauls and Sufis are such people who have for long practiced this art of meditation and have achieved a state of being from which they are not only able to heal themselves, but others around them through their music. The two worlds - the ones of musicians that we see and hear of on a daily basis and those who practice it for spiritual purposes - are far apart as the spiritual practitioners do not look for fame, wealth or recognition for their music; it is rather their way of expressing their spirituality and their beliefs. Not to be misinterpreted, all I am saying is that the two worlds of these musicians are different and neither of them is less important than the other. Music is always nurturing, and each branch of it has different ways of doing its job. Even amongst the ones recognized and famous, some have reached spiritual levels at times to have expressed themselves in a healing manner to others around them.

Mystique Bauls and Sufis in their journey of life look upon the art as a form of conversation, a means of communication, and a way of life to honor what they believe in and take as their supreme being. This is their identity; this is how they spread their own beliefs to others. It is true that most affiliated in the line can not and will not achieve this sense of being closer to a superior state, but those few amongst them who do, make it evident in the simplest form - the songs they sing. These can capture an audience's heart and bring about a sense of alleviation both spiritually and mentally.

Gaaner Daal Praaner Daal is just one such group of people who are in search of spiritual enlightenment through their music. It is clear that not all of them are able to reach what they hope for, but at least they enjoy what they are doing. They can at least find peace, even if for the duration of the one song that they are singing. And that is how they strive to get closer to their dreams through enjoying what they do. The group is open to visitors at all times and it is very easy to become a part of them as there are no barriers for a person to express themselves there. Anyone and everyone is welcome, even you!


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