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From Jhenidah

Reaching out to those in need

Star Insight often writes about the most marginalized of our society - those who are hanging on to life by a thread and have very little hope left for betterment. This special feature presents two stories of hope, ignited by the generousity of certain kind hearted people.

Azibor Rahman

Sajib with his mother and his school's headmaster and teachers

Responding to the article “For the Lack of a Wheelchair”, published in the 24th Star Insight Issue of Volume 4, on June 18, 2011, two persons, seeking anonymity, have donated a wheelchair and Tk. 10,000 to disabled Sajib Mollah to ease his hardship in pursuing an education. The donors wish to be known only as “a film actor” and “an army officer”. The wheelchair was handed over to Sajib on June 21, as donated by the actor, while the money was handed over to him on June 26 provided by the army officer. The helping aids were passed on to the boy by Naldanga Bhusan, Pilot Secondary School Headmaster Rezaul Karim, in presence of assistant teachers Abu Nasir, Isahaque Ali, Abdul Kader, Alim Uddin, Shamim Hossain, Bidyut Kumar, Jafrul Islam, Gobinda, Kanta madam, Uzir Ali and Sajib's mother.

Surrounding similar circumstances, a group of people from Dhaka, responding to the article “The Spirit of a Woman Rickshaw-puller”, published in the 22nd Star Insight Issue of Volume 4, on May 21, 2011, have taken up the ordeal of providing funds so that a tea stall can be built and donated to Rokeya and her family. The roadside stall is under construction and will be complete within a few more days. Rokeya will be able to start a business with the funds and shop provided to take care of her family running the tea stall situated on the Kaliganj-Kotchandpur highway that falls under the Kaliganj upazila town. This opportunity for Rokeya will ensure that she does not have to pull a rickshaw anymore.

We all have constraints in our lives, and can only do as much. The generousity bestowed on these underprivileged members of our society goes to show how tremendous the impact of subtle efforts can be in uplifting the quality of lives. And there are hundreds of Sajibs and Rokeyas in Bangladesh, looking for a way out, fighting to survive, waiting for hands of aid to reach out to them.


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