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Behind the Scene


Delightful Sculpting

“I sculpt only for its artistic value that brings joy and delight to people of all ages. This is art for me, and I do it for art's sake”, says M A Mamun.
Rezaul Karim

Sculptor M.A. Mamun

M A Mamun has been a sculptor for three decades. He lives in Faridpur with his family. The 50-year-old man finds his passion and his escape from reality from sculpting creatures from nature.

He used to paint when attending school and his works had received much praise back in the day from peers, family, and school authorities alike. Alas he had to give up education due to poverty in his family and started work in a printing press from the age of 14. His job proved to be a hindrance to his creativity.

Mamun sculpts with materials such as clay, cement, iron, and then colors them to bring his creations into forms that are reflections of nature. He specializes in making life-sized sculptures, and his showroom at his residence, situated south of Tepakhola in Faridpur Town, sports many idols of tigers, deer, cranes, penguins, the national bird Doel, ducks, giraffes, mountains, springs, etc.

He was introduced to sculpting when he started apprenticing for Master Dolera Hossain and Ladla Hossain, both from the backgrounds in Shilpi Art from Thatari Bazar in Faridpur. Mamun had to struggle to keep his passion alive; sculpting has never been a cheap hobby.

Mamun says that his motivation comes from his wife who is very supportive of his trade, even though it does not fetch enough money to sustain their family of five. She is a working woman as well and teaches at a primary school in the district. She says she is fine with his fascination and addiction towards sculpting as it keeps him happy. Mamun's works are sold in different fairs around the country.

The scupltor displaying his creation
M.A. Mamun's sculptures at display


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