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Celebrating Life

Top Row (Left to Right)- Rafi Hossain (Festival Director), Sukarno Shahed Dhiman, Riad Arfin, Mahafuza Aktar, Humaira Bilkis, Nurul Alam Atiq (Workshop Facilitator), Masud Al Mamun,
Mahfuz Anam (Editor & Publisher, The Daily Star), Bitpoi Das Chowdhury (Head Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered Bangladesh), Mejbaur Rahman Sumon (Workshop Facilatator),
Amitabh Reza (Workshop Facilatator), Shafiq Shawon, Parthe Sarker, Biplob Sarkar,
Fakhrul Hassan, Sazzad Sony
Middle Row (Left to Right)- Sadman Sakib Tanim, Mizanur Rahman, Mijanur Rahaman Biplob, Gaushey, Asraful Asraf, Gabriel Sumon, Kaushik Das Kollol, Laskar Niaz Morshed, Sami Hassan, Mahde Hasan
Bottom Row (Left to Right)- Mushfek Manzoor, Alrazy Sonet, S.K. Siddiq Ahmed, Areful Azam Hemu, Dev Jyoti Bhakta, Sakin Ahmed, Golam T. M. Munir

Celebrating Life 2011 Film Workshop

With 30 selected participants (27 seen above) and 3 facilitators, the Celebrating Life 2011 Film Workshop commenced on 4 August 2011. Celebrating Life is in its 4th year, and this year the organizers have taken a special initiative to not only incentivize filmmaking, but to build capacity in the field and, in the process, elevate the quality of future filmmaking in Bangladesh. Amitabh Reza, Nurul Alam Atiq and Mejbaur Rahman Sumon are facilitating the workshops and guiding the participants towards becoming better filmmakers.

There is an immense interest in Bangladesh filmmaking, as seen in the 1200 applicants who wanted to be a part of the film workshop. Out of them, 150 were selected, interviewed one-on-one and eventually 30 were selected for the workshop. Currently, only 25 remain! Who will be the 15 that make it till the last day of the workshop? Even if only two of the participants become equipped to influence the future of the film industry of Bangladesh, even if only two members of the film workshop end up being successful film makers, the organizers will consider the workshop a success.

The workshop not only features three young home-grown professionals, but also guest speakers from home and abroad to diversify the knowledge and experience base. One such guest speaker, expected to speak at the workshop in the next few weeks, is Shantanu Moitra - a Bangladeshi-born Indian music director who has been greatly acclaimed following music compositions for Bollywood films like Parineeta (2005), Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (2005), "Lage Raho Munnabhai" (2006) and 3 Idiots (2009).


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