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Parula's Pursuit of Education

She has learnt to battle her physical disability, and has channeled all her energy in pursuing education. Meritorious Saleha has struggled all her life and knowing her chances are next to none to find a husband, she needs to be independent for her own sake. But, this has become difficult! She cannot afford the daily fare in order to attend classes. She is in dire need for someone to come forth and provide her with an alternative means of transportation.

Moving around by herself is very difficult for Parula

Parula Khatun is the daughter of day laborer Motiar Rahman of Taherhuda village under Harinakunda Upazila In Jhenidah. The meritorious student has struggled throughout her life. She appeared for her SSC exams from the Charmunnessa Secondary School, and later pursued her HSC from the Saleha Begum Degree College. She is pursuing the next tier of educational degree from the same college at the moment.

The girl has no legs since birth. Her condition renders her helpless in matters of commuting from one point to another, or even to find work for herself. But this has not discouraged her from pursuing an education. But, she finds herself restricted due to lack of mobility.

She lives with her family in a house that is five to six kilometers away from her college. It would not have been cumbersome for her if she had legs and feet to stand up upon and walk the distance everyday. Even her wheelchair is of not much help as it is dangerous to be on the busy streets while trying to maneuver a wheelchair. The only alternative remaining is traveling by rickshaws everyday. But, that comes with the cost of spending Tk. 20/= as rickshaw fare on a daily basis, which this girl or her family cannot afford under any circumstances. Parula is thus compelled to miss out on important lectures and classes, as she can only afford to attend college two days every week.

Her mother, Sipara Khatun, breaks down every time at the thought that her daughter will never find a husband who will accept her for her disability. This reason has fueled the fires burning within Parula to make her excel in her studies so that she is able to pursue a higher education and be independent after finding a well paying job. She is grateful to the college administration for letting her study there for free. But she also hopes that someone will come to her aid soon in providing her with a means of transportation, so that she is able to continue her education on a regular basis.

Families dream of better homes and greater luxuries; Parula's parents only pray for a rickshaw. If their family owned a rickshaw then her miseries would come to and end and she would be able to turn her dreams into reality.



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