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The New Year's issue of Star Insight Magazine is one that is especially close to our hearts. It's the issue where each page is dedicated to the Photography Contest Winners of Celebrating Life of the year past. The theme for Celebrating Life 2011 was “Celebrating the Gifts of Nature and the Rivers of Bangladesh”, and to say that the winning photographs are spectacular would not do most of them justice. Information about Celebrating Life's Film, Photography and Lyrics contests can be found at www.celebratinglifebd.com

For those who are gearing up to take photos for the next Celebrating Life Photography Contest, in 2012, let me provide a head start before the official announcements. The next theme is going to be “Celebrating the Youth of Bangladesh”.

The snapshots in the following pages are a tribute to the timeless natural beauty of Bangladesh, and they portray the intrinsic bond that man shares with the earth - inevitably relying on its bounty for subsistence. We hope that these photographs remind our readers just how beautiful our country is. Star Insight Magazine wishes a Happy New Year to all its readers!

- Zahidul Naim Zakaria

All Interviews of photographers by
Hasan Ameen Salahuddin
Cover Illustration by Ujjal Ghose

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