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Feature 1


Never Too Old for Education

Parents of three daughters, Saidur and Masura, have gone back to secondary school. With their contemporaries achieving so much in life, they have no one to blame but themselves for not continuing with their education earlier on. Their friends are now amongst well established officials in the country, while they barely make ends meet on a daily basis. They have realized the value of a degree and are now working towards achieving a formal education alongside their children. Their realization and commitment, albeit late, is living proof that we are never too old for education.

Azibor Rahman

Saidur Rahman, son of Eshar Ali, from Madrasah Para under the Harinakundo Municipality in Jhenidah owns a small studio shop at the Harinakundo Upazila intersection. Besides owing the shop, he possesses some talent as a painter. With whatever he puts up on a canvas and the little money that he earns from his shop, he earns enough to earn a very modest living. He lives with his wife Masura Khatun, and daughters Suraiya Rahman, Sumaiya Sanjida, and Rubaiya Sanjida.

The whole family studying together

Saidur opened his eyes to the potential he possessed and enrolled Masura and himself in Class 9 of the Harinakundo Pilot Secondary School in 2011. His daughters Suraiya, Sumaiya and Rubaiya are all enrolled in the Swapnamela Shikha Niketon in Classes 4, 3 and 1 respectively.

Saidur Rahman realized his shortcomings for not having a degree when he heard news of one of his friends, Sanjoy Kumar Mondol, becoming a judge. He also heard the news of another classmate, Sujit Kumar, who had become a lecturer at a private university in Dhaka. The success and social ascension of his classmates caught his attention and has given him an urge to achieve something similar in the future. Saidur believes that his best days haven't come to pass yet.

It is now a very common sight to see the five family members sitting together in their frontyard engrossed in their studies. They are striving to make their dreams come true. Masura Khatun is very happy with her new direction in life and is motivated in pursuing an education. She wishes to find employment in the future and support the family income. She believes that only education can enable her in achieving her goal.

According to Abdul Kuddus, the Headmaster of Harinakundo Pilot Secondary School, Saidur and his wife are very sincere in their studies and they never miss any classes. They are doing well in all of their exams.