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Noazesh Knowledge Centre – Loving Nature

'Learn Love Live' is the slogan of Noazesh Knowledge Centre (NKC). The centre stands for the conservation of nature and is becoming popular to nature lovers. NKC started its journey on March of 2011 and within one year it has created all the scopes to be connected with modern and latest thoughts of nature conservation.

Sharmin Bulbul Lita

This conservation focused knowledge centre stands as a pioneer amongst such types of knowledge centres. NKC is a platform where anyone from any field, discipline or class could contribute for nature conservation if he/she has the zeal to work for nature. It's always appreciated in NKC to come up with any new innovative thinking to work for the welfare of nature.

To promote the conservation culture and social revolution for nature conservation, the centre is running towards the green way of doing things. The centre offers a dynamic learning environment with access to a range of educational facilities for its members of different age groups. There's a rich collection of resources, more than five thousands of conservation related books and e-books, documentary films etc and other services include free access to internet and online journal publications. The centre is a great source of information for the bookworms and researchers in field of nature conservation. But comparatively youths are more interested to work here. They are eager to know about nature and share innovative ideas about nature conservation.

To celebrate the nature, youths in NKC are excited about different sort of activities like organizing and participating in debate on nature related issues, arranging regular interactive events like documentary show, seminar, quiz contest etc. Apart from these NKC members arrange regular workshops for enriching their knowledge with prominent environment or wildlife specialists. Besides these, they also have active participation in arrangement of different writing competition or photography techniques. Because the youths are here believe in learning and when they will rich themselves with proper knowledge and understanding then they will be able to raise their voice and fight strongly for nature conservation.

Built into the many activities of is the wanton of celebrating nature but behind these there is only one dream- a unique group of people will come out from this knowledge centre who will be responsible with proper knowledge and have the dedication to protect the resources of nature. This was actually the dream of Dr. Noazesh Ahmed who was an ardent nature lover and celebrated photography icon in Bangladesh. The real image of his dream is our present Noazesh Knowledge Centre, which has been formed by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh (WTB).

For more information regarding NKC, please email at nkcdhaka@gmail.com

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