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Brilliance in Hurdle

Disability couldn't stop them from reaching their goal. They have overcome their disability and brought success to their academic result. They obtained one of the highest possible result in HSC examination, astonishing the locals and gaining love and respect.

S. Dilip Roy

Just 18 years old, the visually impaired students; Bishwonath Roy son of Sajoni Kanto Roy from Mosur Doljor village, Abdur Razzak son of Aher Ali from Durarkuti village and Sumon Chandro Barmon son of Odhir Chandro Barmon from Paschim Doljor village of Aditmari upazila in Lalmonirhat district obtained GPA-5 in HSC examination from Saptibari Degree College of Aditmari upazila in Lalmonirhat this year. Their brilliant results brought glory for their families and the college. Local people visited to congratulate the three brilliant students for their results. The staffs of Saptibari Degree College staff said that the three visually impaired students sat for HSC examination, in brail system from humanities group of the college this year.

They were students of Samonnito Dristy Protibiondhi Sikhkha Karjokrom under Social Welfare Department at Saptibari village. They had received all necessary of support for their living, clothing, studying and shelter from the organization. All three were students of Saptibari Govt primary school, Saptibari High School and Saptibari Degree College. Now, they are hoping for higher education. The resource teacher of Samonnito Dristy Probitibiondhi Sikhkha Karjokrom, Ershad Ali said, “unfortunately Social Welfare Department can only provide support for students up to HSC. After result, they had to leave the residential facility provided by the organization”.

Having passed the HSC, the three visually impaired students will have to bear their study expenses by their own. According to the system of the Social Welfare Department, that they will no longer receive any sort of support for further study from the department. Ershad Ali said like all brilliant students , they have high ambition to establish themselves in the society through achieving higher education. But their dream of higher education is under threat. Clearly, they or their families can't afford to bear the expenses.

All three know that if they get help from kind hearted people in the society, they will bring more brilliant results in future. One of the students, Sumon Chandro Barmon said,” my poor parents aren't capable enough to bear the expenditure of my future education, so I am in confusion about my education. If I get help from any corner of the world, I know I will reach in my destination.” Another student, Abdur Razzak said that it is impossible for him to go for higher education by his own accord as his parents are poor and lives hand to mouth. But, he has the ambition to further his academic qualification. “Allah knows how my dream will be fulfilled” he said. “I want to work for the welfare for the society after completing my higher education – it is my dream. I am visual impaired, therefore, I can't perform most traditional jobs to earn my own education support.

Sumon Chandro Barmon's father, Odhir Chandro Barmon said that he is proud of his son. His pride turns into despair as he knows that he isn't capable to support his son's dream of higher education. “I pray to all kind-hearted people in the society to expand their helping hands to help my brilliant visually impaired son” he requested. Two other guardians, Aher Ali and Sajoni Kanto Roy has the same appeal to all the kind-hearted people in the society.

Their classmate Jonab Ali at Saptibari village said, the three visually impaired students are gentle and brilliant – they worked hard and were attentive to their studies. All the classmates in the college helped them and they also helped their classmates. The Principal of Saptibari Degree College Sudhan Chandro Roy said that they never missed any class. “They were the best students in the class and were always well prepared. They are an example in the college to have obtained GPA-5”. He also said, “they have high ambition for higher education and to work for the society, and their goal will be realized for sure with so many kind-hearted people around us”.


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