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Lifetime Achievement Winner

Born in an aristocratic Muslim family in Faridpur district in the 1930s, Firoza Begum became drawn to music in her childhood. She had no formal education in music. At a time when Nazrul Sangeet was beginning to lose its popularity it was Firoza Begum resurrected the glory of the music genre and infused new life to Nazrul Sangeet. By her unique presentation style Firoza Begum emerged as the most prominent Nazrul Sangeet singer in the subcontinent. She was the first singer to release a long play on Nazrul Sangeet. Firoza Begum is one of the two singers to render songs during the inauguration of the Pakistan radio's regional office in Dhaka. In 1963, the most successful Nazrul Sangeet long play was released under the HMV banner featuring Firoza Begum.

Abdur Razzaq, born in 23rd January 1942, is a thespian Bengali movie actor. He became famous as a film hero in the mid 1960s. Throughout the rest of the decade, as well as in 1970s, Razzak was considered as the top actor in Bangladeshi movie industry. Razzak was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, He migrated to Bangladesh in 1964. Initially, Razzak became a favourite of the viewers of Pakistan television acting in the series Ghoroa. One of his earliest appearances on the big screen was in a classic comedy Tero Nombor Feku Ostagar Len after which he only rose upwards due to his indomitable talent. He went on to make more than 300 appearances in Bengali and Urdu movies. He also directed around sixteen movies.Razzak is a UNFPA goodwill ambassador.

Amanul Haque is one the most prominent figures of Photography in Bangladesh. He was the only photographer who managed to take the snap of the Language martyr Shaheed Rafiquddin. She had the opportunity to work for Satyajit Ray as a photography in many of his films. Later, he took the famous photo of Bangabandhu during his legendary speech of 7th March, 1971. He has published many books regarding experiences as a photographer and continues to do so.

Born in Cooch Behar in India, Ferdausi Rahman is the only daughter of the legendary folk singer Abbasuddin Ahmed. Ferdausi had her first record with HMV in 1957 in Karachi. In 1964, she became the first artist to sing on Dhaka Television. She has ridden along almost all the paths of Bangla music ranging from classical, Khayal, Thumri, Ghazals, Geets, Nazrul Songeet, Modern Bengali songs, Bhawaiya, Bhatiali and all other kinds of folk songs. Not many artists are equally proficient in so many genres of music like Ferdausi.

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