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Bir Shrestho Memorial in Decay

Nur Mohammad memorial Complex was founded in Bir Shresto Nur Mohammad Sheikh's native village, Mohiskhola, in Narail. Beside the museum, a high school and a college also have been established on 2.5 acres of land in his name. But in absence of proper patronization these establishments are dilapidating.

Ponuel S Bose

Bir Shresto Nur Mohammad Sheikh was born at Mohiskhola village (now Nur Mohammad Nagar) under Chandiborpur union of Narail Sadar upazila, 9 kilometers away from district headquarters.

To keep his memory alive, Bangladesh government founded Nur Mohammad memorial Complex in his village. Spending taka 62,90,000 sanctioned by the Ministry of Muktijoddha. A building was founded to house a Museum and a Library.

Beside the museum, a high school and a college also have been established on 2.5 acres of land in the name of Nur Mohammad. The building was inaugurated on March 18, 2008 by Sector 8 Commander Col. (retd) Abu Osman Chowdhury of Liberation war and Md. Anwarul Iqbal the then adviser of Local Government Rural Development and Cooperative Division, according to a Narail Zilla Parishad source.

Bir Srestho Nur Mohammad College
Home of Bir Srestho Nur Mohammad’s father-in-law
Bir Srestho Nur Mohammad Library and Museum

But, in absence of proper patronization, the building is dilapidating. Locals alleged that steps for preserving Nur Mohammad memorial has been dilly-dallying for a long time. They further said that only on Independence Day and Victory Day, the officials come to remember him.

There is only one caretaker, Md. Yunus Sheikh, for the Nur Mohammad Museum and the Library. It often remains closed, which drives visitors away. Md. Yunus Sheikh sorrowfully stated that this institution urgently needs a librarian, a night guard and house-keeper.

The school was established in 1999 and the college was founded in 2005. But still Nur Mohammad high school and college yet were to be enlisted under the M.P.O. Even the teachers and other employees works here without salaries. They are facing unfold financial crisis to maintain their families.

Md. Abdul Mazid, head master of Nur Mohammad high school said that it is true that Nur Mohammad Museum and Library building has adorned and enlighten the school premises but out of 12 teachers of on going secondary pattern school 6 teachers have been enlisted under M.P.O from May 1st 2010 while the rest 6 teachers and employees have been hanging to come under the M.P.O to mitigate the immense problems of salaries. They are regular to attend the classes following the class routine but they are unable to meet the torn-out condition of the family members while they can not leave the school the learners should face a tremendous loss of studies.

The present government has promised them to enlist them under M.P.O repeatedly but such an important matter has been still tied with red tape in the confined house, he added.

Md. Rawsan Ali, Principal, Nur Mohhammad college depicted that survival of the two academic institutes is the common affair to enthrall and activate this memorial Museum and library. He added that this foundation building urgently needs the government patronization directly.

Sarmin, Dilruba,Hiramon Biswas and Naz Khanam, students of the college said the government should take immediate initiatives to the high school and the college for its establishing.

These two academic institutes are the preservers of the memorial Museum and the Library which would be beneficial to all of the localities and the whole areas would be enchanted by the strolling of the students, they added.

They also complained and demanded that the college has not yet been connected with electric wire. And also absence of bicycle garage, common room for female students including sports equipment, even they also attend the classes in ordinary tin shed houses in absence of building houses.

Interior of Bir Srestho Nur Mohammad Library

Siddique Sardar (75), villagers of Nur Mohammad Nagor said that Government has to patronize the existing two institutes otherwise the memorial museum and the library would be worthless.

Md. Azizur Rahman Bhuinya, former chairman of Chandiborpur union and also founder of the school and college said that they have set up the school and the college at Nur Mohammad Nagor to brighten up the localities with educational as institutes are 10 to 15 kilometers away from the village to get education. Particularly the poverty stricken guardians have got facilities to mitigate the daily financial crisis. So the government must have to activate to make its continuation.

Nur Mohammad birth place that on 15 decimal plot land now full of weeds and garbage in absence of government patronization.

Jakir alleged that Narail Zilla Porishad inaugurated the house area by posting a memorial pillars in the court yard in 2008. Many parts of the works are still lying incomplete including setting up his portrait and rest house. In absence of patronization on any necessary article are running to waste.

Adv. Subash Bose, administrator, Zila Porishad Narail said that we have a project in this regard. Due to lack of fund we can not finish the work in this moment, after getting the fund we will complete the project, he added.

Besides, father-in-law's house of Nur Mohammad is nearby in Dhuria village has been abandoned and is now unprotected, full of insects.

All stages of people of the localities urge the government to enroll the teachers of the school and the college under M.P.O immediately and demanded to keep arrangement for day long opening with appointment of necessary number of man-power for enhancement of the establishments by the name of sun-born son of the country. Nur Mohammad who become martyred in fighting by the occupation Pakistani force on September 5, 1971 at Goalhati village under Jhickorgacha upazila in Jessore in the war of liberation and was born on February 26, 1936 at Mohiskhola village (Nurmohammad Nagor) under Narail Sadar upazila.

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