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A Bumpy Dream

Child Artist Sayma is somewhat a phenomenon in the town of Lalmonirhat. Just seven year old, she has become the heart and soul of many events where her dance-performance on stage is the main attraction. Like any young talent, Sayma too dreams of becoming a renowned dancer, thus bringing fame and glory to her family.

S Dilip Roy

Shraboni Akhter Sayma, a seven years old child-artist touched heart of the audience by her performance in Lalmonirhat. All her performances provide untold entertainment, and the audience always inspire her. House-full of audience waits for hours to watch Sayma dancing on stage.

Sayma wants to be a renowned artist in the country. She is a student of class one in Lalmonirhat police line school. Her father, Shofiqul Islam is an electrician, earns around Tk 200-250 per day, not sufficient to maintain a five-member family. Sayma's elder sister, Suborna Parvin is a HSC examinee from Lalmonirhat, and another sister, Swarna Akhter is SSC examinee.

Sayma's father Shofiqul Islam said “Sayma is their youngest daughter, and was very focused on dancing when she was only three years old. She was trained at home for six months and later at Lalmonirhat Shilpokola academy. Now our Sayma gets invitations from different places. Our little daughter is renowned as best child artist in the district. Audience always gather in numbers to watch her dance.”

Sayma's father, an electrician, regrets that he can't provide proper training to his daughter as his earning is minimal. He, along with his wife and three daughters live in a rented house at Thana road in the town. “Sometimes I become astonished and think how I am able to provide for my family with my little income. I have no land of my own. All the three daughters are dear to me, but Sayma is exceptional as she never demands anything. She only seeks a free environment for her education and her artistic work” he said.

Sayma's elder sister Suborna Parvin said “Sayma dreams that she will be a renowned dancer, but I don't know how she will see her dream through as poverty makes our life very uncertain. Our poor parents can hardly afford our education let alone any extracurricular activity”.

Sayma's mother Shahana Begum said, there is little food in their home but they love dreaming that their little daughter, Sayma will one day become a renowned artist in the country will bring glory to the family. She also said that sometimes Sayma has to perform on stage with an empty stomach. Sayma is well prepared to perform for any kind of commercials, if she gets the opportunity, and will do well, added her mother.

Uttom Kumar Roy, an audience at Thanapara in the town said, he enjoys Sayma's performance as her performance gives is of high standard.

Poet Ferdousi Rahman in the town said “there is no doubt that Sayma is better than any other child artist in Lalmonirhat. She has an exceptional gift – the cultural function in Lalmonirhat town doesn't get any momentum if Sayma isn't there. If she gets proper support, she will excel in what she does”.

Sayman never evades her classes. She is regular in the school. Her classmates and all the teachers love her very much and are immensely proud. The Principal of Lalmonirhat Police Line School Surendro Nath Barmon said “Sayma isn't only brilliant in her performance but also is brilliant in her studies.

Resolute Sayma said “I want to be a renowned artist. So, I need to master the skill of dancing. But my poor parents aren't capable enough to bear my expenditure. We, the family members live in a rented house. My father is the lone earner of the family. I will not quit – I will go ahead with my dream. I am determined and waiting to see the day where her dream is realized”.

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