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Behind The Scene


Quilt prices Soar in Narail

The quilt makers and the quilt buyers have geared up for this seasonal business as a bitter cold weather has been prevailing here in the district for the last month. Quilts will be costly this year as the cotton price has gone up by Taka 30 to 40 per kilogram. Therefore the price of the quilt is higher this year and the quilt-makers are worried about whether they can make a good enough profit this year.

Ponuel S Bose

Quilt makers are now passing very busy hours stitching quilts as heavy winter grips the district.

Chilly weather causes disturbance to people's day-to-day activities as the southern districts sees early arrival of winter, like other years.

Due to the situation, sale of winter clothes and making quilts, pillows and mattresses has sharply increased in the different markets of the three upazilas of the district.

Workers at quilt shops across the district are seen busy stitching quilts, beside the pillows and mattresses. Most shops, which used to sell readymade products, are now receiving orders from customers for making quilts.

Jugol Das, owner of a Quilt Shop, in Narail town said that they do brisk business every winter. But this year they are uncertain about their business as the prices of materials for making quilt have gone up.

He said he had set up a cotton gin this year but is still unsure about good business or profit.

In the district, there are about 250 quilt shops that employ at least 1700 to 2000 people.

Quilt maker Gofur Mollah in Rupganj Bazaar said that they have already started getting orders from the surrounding towns and villages. “In this winter season we are working hard to earn more and save up for the rest of the year”, he added.

Somir Sarkar of Kalia Bazaar in Kalia upazila said that in the months of October to March the demand for quilts, mattresses and pillows shoot up as the Hindu community people prefer winter for marriages.

Most quilt makers and quilt business men of Rupganj town under Narail municipality said that they eagerly wait for this season of the year as they are dependent on quilt business.

They said that for household purpose, people want good quality cotton while the innkeepers choose low quality cotton for hotels.

Quilts will be costly this year as the cotton price has gone up by Taka 30 to 40 per kilogram, said a quilt maker.

There were different kinds of cotton in the markets. Locally called garments cotton is now being sold at taka 60 to 80 per kg which was Taka 40 to 50 last year.

Shimul cotton is being sold at Taka 230 to 280 per kg now, which was Taka 210 to 230 last year.

At least 5 kg cotton is needed for making a quilt according to Jugol Das, a trader. “We are really worried because of price hike”, he added.

At the same time, prices of fabric for quilt covers also went up. “The cover fabric that was sold at Taka 20 to 40 a yard last year are now being sold for Taka 40 to 60”, said the traders.

Mostofa Kamal, a buyer, said that the prices have doubled now than last year. He added that a quilt cost him Taka 1500 this year but it was around Taka 900 to 1200 last year.


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