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Journey Through Bangladesh


Date Juice Trade in Full Swing

Like every year, date juice extractors, locally known as Gacchis are busy as winter brings the new trade. They collect juice from the Date trees and sell them haat and bazars. The juice is popular among the locals as well outsiders.

Ponuel S Bose

Date juice extractors (Gacchis) in three upazilas of Narail district are all gears up for their seasonal business as winter sets in Narail district.

Razzak Mollah, an extractor of Bashgram village under sadar upazila said that they do brisk business in every winter. He added that Narail district has a great demand for date juice, molasses and Patali molasses in different districts of our country for it purity and high quality.

While visiting different upazilas of the district on Monday this correspondent found the extractors (gachhis) are now desperately busy. At the same time they are also busy preparing the boiling places for juice and other necessary tools, including Dao (machete), needed for trimming date trees.

The extractors move from one tree to another the whole day for the preparation and this is the common scene in all the villages and the town areas.

DAE sources said that due to favourable climate condition of the district makes it suitable to grow date trees in abundance, good quality and purity makes popular date juice and Patali molasses of the district.

Everything is going on like a festive mood. Making various kinds of cakes cannot be thought of without molasses of date juice. The solid molasses is locally known as Patali and this molasses is produced by boiling date juice.

Pure date juice is very tasty to drink and the village people like to drink date juice every morning throughout the winter. The extractors and the members of their families spend busy days and nights for the whole winter for boiling date juice for making patali.

Mizanur Rahman another extractor said that there are about 60 haats (village fair) and bazars in the district for selling date molasses. Farmers can sell their produced molasses in the haats and bazars easily. Many traders of the country come here for purchasing date molasses, he added.

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