Art Work: Nuruzzaman Noor


Bangladesh sits at a very vital location, forming a link between the East and the West, which makes it an important role-player with the prospects of immense benefits from both.

As Bangladesh grapples with its internal dynamics, much of which exerts a centrifugal influence, so does it strive to carve out a niche for its existence in the regional and international milieus. Needless to say, our policies, both external and internal, have been and will continue to be predicated on both internal and external developments.

We have made significant progress in various fields, and in the international arena have come to be referred to as the peacekeepers of the world. However, we have a long way to go in overcoming the challenges that have been thrown up by events at home and abroad.

What we have attempted in "Bangladesh and the World" is to look at our interactions with the countries of the region and beyond, the prospects of a lasting regional peace, the constraints imposed by the new international order, or as one erudite scholar puts it, 'international disorder,' our relationship with international organisations, the challenges that we are faced with, and ways to tide over those in order to obtain both diplomatic and strategic space for pursuing our national interest.

We hope that the valued readers will derive benefit as well as pleasure from the articles.

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