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Architecture on the bund

Bund Development

The proposed construction of the eastern embankment along the Balu River will make a large flood free area for the expansion of Dhaka on the east. This will offer an opportunity for the city to ease of the pressure of densification on the existing city. A 30 km long embankment running from Demra to Tongi Bridge will protect an area no less then 146 square kilometers. Unless this opportunity is backed by a proper development plan this area will also become another of 'unplanned concrete jungles' those have cropped up elsewhere in the city. The World Bank has already emphasized on preparing a master plan for this area before embarking on the construction of the embankment. There is no reason to delay this planning process unless we want to see another 'non planning' to take place in Dhaka. Here are few suggested considerations for that plan.

1. The plan should be a comprehensive physical development plan detailing out every square inch of the proposed area.
2. The plan should create several new districts for the city each with district centers and sub centers.
3. The sub-districts should be developed to build communities and they should have housing, schools, playgrounds, health centers, cultural centers and shopping centers.
4. A proper mass transit system should be developed with suitable transfer centers.
5. Development should incorporate water retention ponds that could be developed into recreation zones.
6. The existing canal networks should be retained and developed to improve drainage and also to include them in open space requirement.
7. Residential districts should be located near work places so that commuting distances are reduced.
8. Districts should have greater mix of use rather than single function zoning.

The plan should create opportunities for the participation of both private and public sector.

Gulshan circle re-planning

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