If there is one thing that distinguishes the urban landscape of the present from say, a decade or so ago, it is most definitely the way city life has changed. This transition from an easy-going, genteel living to the frenetic rat race that characterise the modern Bangladeshi urbanite's lifestyle, is an inevitability of development. Sprawling mansions with lavish gardens have given way to prolific high-rise apartments, quiet lanes have become thoroughfares and main streets have turned into glamorous abodes of sparkling departmental stores and trendy restaurants. Along with the change in the cityscape has come a change in attitudes, behaviour, and the way people dress and entertain themselves. Greater exposure from the electronic media has ensured that the latest trends in fashion are right here at our doorsteps, influencing culture in the most intimate way.

This continuous metamorphosis- some may frown at it while others welcome it with open arms-is nevertheless exciting and worth making a fuss of. Which is why we have put together a melange of these dramatic changes in the clothes and jewellery we wear, the way we shop or go out to eat, the way we decorate our home or office, how we communicate and how we adjust to this new, fast paced modern life. More importantly this colourful supplement is a celebration of our home-grown fashion designs, interior decor and local industries that have developed to cater to this new, trendy and glamorous aspect of contemporary living.

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