Nasir Ali Mamun

Dare to Dream

The Nobel Peace Prize won by Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank has given us all reason to believe: in ourselves, in our country, in the future. He has reminded us that the door to a bright future is never closed, that is never too late. This is the essence of the gift that Dr Yunus has given to the nation with his victory. He has rekindled our national ability to hope, to dream, to imagine that we, too, can be more than we are. He has given us the courage, the audacity, to believe that there is nothing we cannot accomplish, nothing that is beyond our abilities. This has been his simple message to the people of Bangladesh for these past thirty years. This is the simple philosophy behind the revolutionary idea of micro-credit: believe in yourself and you can do miracles. Patience, hope, and courage: that's all we need. Patience to understand that the world will not change in a day, that it might take a life-time, hope that we can indeed do it, and courage to take that chance. Let us dream. Let us believe. And then let us get to work.