Dhaka Sunday December 2, 2007

The living and the dead in the Sidr-hit areas

HURRICANE Sidr severely battered the coastal districts of the country on November 15. On November 21 we published an exclusive photo feature on the worst-hit Dublarchar. Today we focus on several other affected areas.

1.Ramiza Begum tidying up the remains of her homestead at Southkhali in Sharonkhola. On the night of Novermber 15, a trawler driven by a gigantic tidal wave slammed into her house, quarter km from River Baleshwar. With the homestead wiped away Ramiza and her husband Nuru Mia drifted towards different directions. Ramiza survived by taking hold of a tree but she is yet to find Nuru Mia. In the photograph Ramiza, who lost documents of homestead, makes a feeble attempt to save her land by fixing on a stick a portrait of her husband while waiting for his return.
2.An overwhelming destruction of trees at Dublarchar in the Sundarbans.
3.Up from the ruins a man building his homestead at Southkhali in Sharonkhola.
4.A helicopter carrying the Chief Adviser about to land at Dublarchar.
5.A fishing boat hurled by tidal wave lies on top of trees in Southkhali.
6.Local administration distributing relief goods at Bogi in the Sundarbans.
7.A house lies in ruins at Tafalbaria in Sharonkhola.
8.A century-old tree lies uprooted in Bogi.
9. A woman, robbed off her everything, mourns over her dead child and husband at Rayenda in Bagerhat.
10.Halima Begum, from Nishanbaria of Bagerhat, moves around her destroyed crop field.
11.Survivours waiting for relief goods at Dublarchar.

Photo: Syed Zakir Hossain

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