Wednesday November 21, 2007

A team of journalists of The Daily Star visited the cyclone hit Dublar Char island and its adjacent islands in the bay of Bengal off the Sundarbans coast after the Thursday's cyclone. The island that serves mainly the fishermen community has been completely devastated by the cyclone. Syed Zakir Hossain's photographs reveal the actual situation prevailing in this remote island.

A People cooking food under the open sky in Majher Killa island, adjacent to Dublar Char.

B Bangladesh Navy distributing food and other relief materials to the affected people.

C These people have lost their homes and taken refuge in the boat

D In Meher Ali island, dried fish is one of the major produces. The cyclone swept away most of the dried fish stocks. This photo shows frantic bid of a dried fish trader who could gather only 300 maunds out of his 2000 maunds of his dried fish stock

E These two fishermen lost four of their colleagues during the cyclone, during which they were out in the sea to catch fish

F, G, H a general scenario at the island

Photo: Syed Zakir Hossain

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