December 31, 2009



Looking back at 2009--Shahedul Anam Khan

What Lies Below--Afsan Chowdhury
The Longest
Photos by Amirul Rajiv

Year in Politics

Year in Culture

Year in Sport

Year in Business


Our Rivers, Our Dreams --Morshed Ali Khan


Climate Refugees Photos by Abir Abdullah/EPA
Justice, the General and His Soldier-- Tazreena Sajjad
Undefeated Bangladesh-- Photos by Naib Uddin Ahmed
Closing the Gaps--Ershad Kamol

The Rhythm of Life-- Photos by Mumit M.


The Search for Alternatives--Sharier Khan

First Impressions--Zafar Sobhan

Information Please--Nazrul Islam

Taking Responsibility--Syed Saad Andaleeb


Photo By Amirul Rajiv


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