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Good Schools Create Good Citizens

Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

Photo: Star

Education has got a wider perspective where schooling is one of the key elements that help us to see a better future. Be it in the grassroot level or in a white-collar status, children need to be well educated, groomed and nurtured to prepare them for the hurdles of future life. The education standard has evolved over the years from the time of our Independence and we as the citizens of this country have seen the changes.

Good schooling involves certain factors which can never be overlooked. The human mind is always learning, and everything begins from a very early age. Proper discipline, guidance and attention from the teachers allow a student to perceive things in a better way. It is the relentless effort of the teachers that make a huge difference in our lives. They are our mentors and the unconditional bondage that bridge between a teacher and a student is probably the second most important thing after family. Schools are solely responsible for building character, for providing quality education and growing interest in unlocking all the secrets of knowledge. Good schools offer well qualified teachers who dedicate themselves for the betterment of children. Our country now has many schools, both Bangla and English medium that delivers all the above-mentioned aspects and they do deserve an applause. The assignment works, the extra curricular activities, mock exams and parent-teacher meetings are few important regions that promote thorough understanding and proper learning. Teachers even reach out for the students who are slow learners and this indeed requires a lot of patience to encourage them and drive them forward. Children are more like an uncut diamond, and a perfect cut allow them to shine in the future, and it is the duty of the schools to shape the students and prepare themselves even for the worse.

With technological advancements the world has now become easier for us. But even then the necessity of correct information is always there. The schools understand this and henceforth design lesson plans to assist the students to know the updated information and also organises brainstorming sessions so that students can participate and learn about their true potentials. If a teacher gives proper instructions and performs good counselling, it helps the students to learn from their mistakes and act accordingly. Teachers nowadays have engaged themselves in training activities so that they can bring changes in the teaching methods, and schools do play a part in it. The education system has become more upgraded and it is evident with the success stories of the students, both from SSC and HSC or O' level and A' level background, who now graduate with flying colours and also are topping the charts with high scores all over the world. This shows how much work is going on in the schools and that we are progressing each year with a lot of achievements under our hat.

A good education provides a person with a strong foothold in the competitive world. It allows us to explore our potential and skills in the relevant field and outshine all. Schools take the challenge to focus on the untapped areas and bring out the best in a person. Comprehensive guidance and discussions allow students to realise their limitations and paper works give them the opportunity to excel. As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect, the quest for perfection is not an easy task, and only good schooling will ensure that students take themselves to the level of acquiring the perfection. A worthy citizen should comprise of the elements of proper manners and etiquettes, should be aware of the surrounding and people, should contain leadership qualities and above all, should be a person who knows how to respect. These are not spoon fed, but are learnt throughout childhood and ends when a person is at the brink of becoming an adult. Schools make a point that students possess all these qualities and the way they do it is really appreciating.

So, in this special supplement issue, The Daily Star has decided to recognise the efforts of the schools in the upbringing of students to enable them to become worthy citizens of the country. We appologise as we are unable to include all the schools in this particular issue but we expect that the message is conveyed when we say that we are thankful to the teachers and school authorities all over the country for their heartfelt contribution to the education sector in making the nation builders of tomorrow.

Photo: Star