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Of notebooks and lunchboxes

Fariha Khandaker
Waking up everyday at seven in the morning was really not my favourite part. My mommy dearest would wake me up and make sure I was all dressed up and looking as cute as possible for school. I don't know how much it worked, but there was always that anxious excitement to be all prepped up for that day of classes, studies (hmmm…), friends and some annoying teachers. I loved that I got to take my favourite sandwiches in my "Tom and Jerry" lunchbox. Everyday was different. Something new to learn; and not just what was there in the books.

So fourteen years of my life spent wearing uniforms and fearing detention slips every now and then (mind you, I was more of a nerd than not, and I hearts that) and still after all these years, I wish there was more of those years left. All those times spent writing down the next day's tasks in my school diary and then conveniently forgetting all about it when the next day came. I remember this one-day when I had not studied for a quiz, and I decided to make up all the theories to physics for that exam. When my teacher was done checking my script… let's just say he said an extra hour's prayer asking for forgiveness to Sir Newton on my behalf.

By the time we were in high school, it was amazing how many of us were already figuring out which direction we wanted our lives to go. Some were equally lost, while others stuck in that tumbled toss-up of the play station versus the school basketball team. Believe me, they all have come far, and will go further in life. And yet, each day that was spent with laughter, joy, tears, and all other sorts of misery and scolding, it is evident that they all entwined themselves in creating who we are at present.

Moreover, with every final exam finishing, a new year of even
more shenanigans or just the rudimentary elements of the academic world tried casting its spell on those young minds, ever so enthusiastic about everything there is to come. Then suddenly, one day we are all asked to dress in our sarees and suits for our high school graduation photos. That is precisely when the realisation hits, that we have all passed an entire era in our lives and were ready to stand at the first crossroads of our lives, our backpacks filled with stepping-stones for the future.