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Sunbeams School - Its academic excellence

Sunbeams School was established on January 15th, 1974, with the aim of giving its students a challenging and enriching academic experience.

The school has always stressed academic excellence from all its students, as is displayed through the achievements of its students in international examinations throughout these 36 years. Students have always been encouraged not only to aim for the high standards set by the school, but also to set high standards for themselves. Sunbeams has achieved outstanding results in the GCE O' Level examinations in the last five years, with a large number of students achieving 6 A grades and above; in 2004, 52% achieved this result, in the following three years this proportion was 56%, 58% and 40% respectively, while in 2008 and 2009 the proportion rose to 73% and 72% respectively.

Sunbeams has sought not only to turn its students into high achievers, but also to instill a strong sense of ethics in them. The school has always strived to impart in its students seven qualities, represented by the seven beams of the sun in its logo: Knowledge, Skills and Learning; Leadership and Initiative; Faith and Patriotism; Humility and Tolerance; Integrity and Honesty; Confidence, Self-Reliance and Commitment.

Sunbeams has also encouraged its students to achieve more in extra-academic activities like sports and debate. A testament to this is the rapidly growing collection of trophies and awards for debates, football and basketball tournaments in the school trophy cabinet. The school has also encouraged its students to pursue interests in dance, art and music, with the number of talented artists and performers in the school growing daily.

Though the school teaches an international curriculum, Sunbeams has always placed emphasis on Bangladeshi culture and on developing a sense of patriotism in its students. As a result, Sunbeams students develop a loyalty to their country, language and culture, just as they develop a loyalty to their school. The students have a deep sense of commitment to the underprivileged and poor in Bangladesh. Community service is an integral part of the ethos of the school, and students are encouraged to take the initiative to participate in programmes that benefit the community. The school observes National Days like Independence Day, Victory Day and Pohela Baishakh, and emphasizes the understanding of the importance of these days to the people of the country.

Sunbeams provides a sound education for its pupils. The loyalty of the pupils to the school, the high level of parental support, the quality of resources and the professionalism of the teachers will all ensure that Sunbeams will continue to serve its students well.

Ms. Khaleda Mariam Sajjad
O' & A Level Coordinator