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Mastermind School was established in 1997 with the aim of making great minds who will be able to meet the challenges that the new millennium has thrown at the country. There has been no turning back since then: Mastermind is indeed a class apart, maintaining a clear edge over the other schools in the O and A Levels examinations.

The performance of its students in the last O and A Level examinations is a case in point: in the 2009-2010 session's Ordinary Level exam, Mastermind students have got 449 A grades in 12 subjects.

In last year's O' Level examinations Mastermind's Syed Mahmudul Sadat and Fahim Ikbal Khan got the world highest in Mathematics; Rashik Amin and Syed Mahmudul Sadat got the world highest in Pure Mathematics. The same year, the school's Zubair Ahmed has got the world highest in Bangladesh Studies.

Mastermind's A' level results have also been consistently good. In the last session, 119 students form the school have got A in Mathematics. The number of As in other subjects is also the best in the town: 54 in Physics, 37 in Accounting, 48 in Chemistry, 38 in Economics, 14 in Further Mathematics, 12 in Pure Mathematics and 3 in Law.

This year, in the A' Level Examinations, the school's Muniza Kabir has scored single world highest marks in Law. Those who scored the highest marks in the world from Mastermind are: Mushfequr Rahman (in Mathematics and Physics), Rahman has shared the honour of the world highest achiever in Accounting with a fellow Mastermind student Mushfique Amin Malick.

Administrators and teachers at Mastermind believe that all work and no play make one a dull boy. In the Bickel and Brewer/New York University International Public Policy Forum (IPPF), which was participated by schools from 31 countries, Mastermind has eased past the first elimination round. In fact, it is the only school in the South Asian sub-continent to become the top 32 schools in the world to make it to the IPPF second round. In fact, it is one of the five schools in Asia to make it to the second round; the other four schools are from Singapore and Korea.

Mastermind has also done consistently well in the Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition. The school has successfully participated in Mathematics, Chemistry and Bio-chemistry Olympiads. The school's sports centre boasts a specious basketball court, a cricket pitch and other sports facilities. The school teams have become champions in different inter-school tournaments.

Mastermind has given birth to some of the brilliant debaters of the country. On several occasions, the school team has topped debate tournaments. Over the last couple of years, Mastermind students have participated in the world debate which takes place across the globe. The school also runs a vibrant community service club that regularly runs blood donation programmes and other such activities. The school has an excellent cultural club which spearheads the school cultural activities.

To maintain its quality of teaching the school runs one of the best teachers training programmes in town. Mastermind also sends its teaching staff to workshops run by the British Council.

After studying in Mastermind, students are now furthering their studies in world-renowned institutions such as the MIT, Harvard, Stanford, London School of Economics, University of York, University of McGill, University of British Columbia and other renowned public universities and medical colleges.

Mastermind believes that to create a prosperous nation there is no alternative to building a generation of educated citizens who will lead the nation forward. For over a decade, the school has made a legion of students who with their enlightened minds are striving for excellence in every sphere of life. As the school enters the establishment of its second decade, the challenge is to maintain the standard that Mastermind has set before itself.