Photo: Zahedul I Khan


Welcome to the special series of supplements beginning today to mark the 20th birth anniversary of The Daily Star.

We have chosen the overall theme 40 years of Independence and 20 years of Independent Journalism for altogether nine four-colour, well-illustrated supplements that we herald today with this flagship 96-page one titled Governance, Politics and Bureaucracy.

The eight other supplements would appear under the following titles: Constitution, Parliament and Democracy; Economy and Development; Agriculture, Industry and Business; Foreign Policy, Connectivity and Regional Trade; Energy and Infrastructure; Education, Empowerment, Health & Population; Media, RTI and Civic Issues; and Art & Culture.

To be a witness to and a co-traveler in the 40-year-long journey of Bangladesh as an independent country are cause for double celebration as well as self-reflection. We believe as we step into 21st year of our publication, we have spent quality time with the nation's own four eventful decades through troughs and peaks since its inception in 1971.

How far have we succeeded in serving the people's rights to know and express themselves, based on conscionable objectivity, is what our hard-earned reputation would bear testimony to thanks to readers, patrons and well wishers keeping faith with us through thick and thin.

Eminent academics, planners, experts, professional practitioners in diverse fields, civil society leaders, journalists and above all, men and women of vision have contributed to the supplements thereby helping to enrich them greatly. We are grateful to them for enabling us to put together a large body of texts of considerable depth, dimension and vision. The perspectives, analyses, incisive but constructive critiques and recommendations they have provided on different parameters of national life and aspirations, it is our hope, will help informed decision-making along the way.

A few words of gratitude. We are where we are today because of the leading lights like SM Ali, our founder Editor, Azimur Rahman, founding Chairman and AS Mahmud, founding Managing Director, Media World respectively and founding Managing Editor Taufique Aziz Khan who got us started but are no more. Then of course, it has been one long tale of progressive ascent through relentless teamwork, purposeful journalism and the Board's enlightened approach to editorial independence. We promise more in content, quality and technology as we move on.

Let me end on a note of acknowledgement to our readers, patrons and advertisers.

Finally, a word of praise for my colleagues. The Team Daily Star but for whose relentless work, untiring zeal and commitment to independent and fair journalism we would not have reached where we have.

Mahfuz Anam
Editor and Publisher
The Daily Star