bangla new year




THE land of Bengal is replete with the histories of festivals. The age-old saying baaro maashe tero paarbon (thirteen festivities in twelve months) reminds us that there is more than one special occasion each month. From the New Year's Haal Khaata Day to the following Chaitra Sankraanti (eve of the following New Year's day), the Bengali Calendar is literally saturated with numerous Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and other religious and tribal community festivals.

Baishakh and Joishtho, the first two months of the Bangla year, comprise the season of "Grish-sho" or summer. The first day of Baishakh not only heralds a new year, but also the six seasons along with it. Baishakh is symbolised by Krishnachura, red coloured flower shrubs, true to the imagery of heat in summer and the delectability of the rains that follow. The songs at Ramna batamul proclaim Baishakh's tempestuous quality of sweeping everything stale and worn out.

We wish you well and hope that you enjoy the best of what this life has to offer. Rejoice with friends and foes. This special Pahela Baishakh suppliment is about celebration, festivity and renewal. We hope this brief glimpse of the seasons and festivals of Bangladesh will help you share the happiness with others. "Shubho Nababarsha”


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