Vol. 4 Num 181 Tue. November 25, 2003  

Humayun's Eid hattrick

It has seemed for past few years that Eid means Humayun Ahmed--a tremendously entertaining drama or two, with lots of fun, absurdly funny characters and some touching acting. Indeed, since the mid-'80s Humayun Ahmed has been the most popular name among the TV viewers especially during the two Eids. Dramas like Hothath Ekdin will always have a place in the audience's heart.

This Eid, too, Humayun Ahmed presents two dramas on Channel-i and ntv. Jamunar Jal Dekhte Kalo will be aired on Channel-i at 7:50 pm, and ntv presents Ei Barshay at 9:45 pm. Both the dramas will be aired on Eid Day.

Jamunar Jal Dekhte Kalo is about two film stars Raju and Brishti, who come on an out-door shooting with their director Shamsuddin. Both the actors have their own eccentricities--Raju is always talking on the mobile phone, while Brishti is ever preoccupied with her make-up box. A journalist named Mizan one day, comes to this unit and tells 'something' to both Raju and Brishti. He produces a paper to one of the actors in the unit that creates an extremely climaxing situation. What is the paper? Is it a Kabin Nama of marriage? The cast of the play includes Riaz, Shawon, Mahfuz, Ahmed Rubel, Faruk Ahmed Ejazul Islam and others.

Ei Barshay features Riaz, Shawon, Masud Ali Khan, Saleh Ahmed, Faruk Ahmed and others.

Besides, Humayun's popular film Dui Duari will be screened on BTV at 1:30 pm on the same day. The film features Riaz, Shawon, Mahfuz, Saleh Ahmed, Masud Ali Khan and others.