Vol. 4 Num 213 Wed. December 31, 2003  
Letters to Editor

Indian IT centres

People who have a bit of IT knowledge must be aware of those "Indian franchised IT Centres". Let's call them IFIC for the time being.

The question is, do they really have any contribution in creating good or quality software developers in our country?

Once, I used to work for one of those IFICs. After working there for a few months, what I noticed is as follows.

1. They offer a lot of courses with fancy names. But, the contents of the courses are not so practical. Sometimes, there is not even any experienced teacher to teach the subject.

2. A couple of years ago, they used to promise a lot of things like 100% job guarantee, degree from Australian university, bla bla. I would rather call it cheating than advertising.

3. Tuition fees are very high compared to the service they offer. But, most of the people agree to pay that high amount because they are promised that they will get a job once they get their degree (but most of the time they do not).

There are many more complaints.

What is the future of the students graduating from these IFICs? Are they eligible to enter into any software firm in Bangladesh? Can they compete with hundreds of IT talents graduating from public/privates universities every year? Software firms do not like to employ any graduate from IFICs.

In conclusion, I would like to say that these IFICs are simply taking away our money to India which is not good for our economy. They are also destroying the future of our youths.

Shouldn't this be stopped?