Vol. 4 Num 237 Sat. January 24, 2004  
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Anti-Ahmadiyya group threatens agitation in city April 26

Aamra Dhakabashi, a socio-cultural organisation engaged in anti-Ahmadiyya agitation, threatened to lay siege to the city on April 26 if, by then, the government failed to declare the Ahmadiyyas non-Muslim.

Leaders of the organisation also announced that they would march to the central mosque of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Bangladesh at the city's Bakshibazar on June 18 and say the Juma prayers there.

"We are going ahead with the programme as people want such an action to force the government meet our demands," Aamra Dhakabashi President Shamsul Haq said while presiding over a Hifazate Khatme Nabuwat Andolon grand conference at Muktangan after the Juma prayers yesterday.

Aamra Dhakabashi leaders asked politicians, especially Awami League President Sheikh Hasina, to withdraw their statements issued against the ban on Ahmadiyya publications.

Mahmudul Hasan Mamtazi, amir of the HKNA, an anti-Ahmadiyya alliance, lashed at the Jamaat leaders for not voicing the demand for declaring Ahmadiyyas non-Muslim and for occupying the Paltan Maidan where the HKNA programme was to be held yesterday.

Shaikhul Hadith Azizul Haq, Akbar Siraji, Aminul Islam, Ishaq Faridi, Jamal Nasser Chowdhury, Ruhul Amin and Anwar Hossain Zahedi also addressed the conference.

Four people who claimed themselves to be members of the Ahmadiyya sect took oath to denounce their sect and follow the Islamic sharia.

The HKNA nayebe amir, Nur Hossain Nurani, threatened some political leaders with punishment for making statements against the government ban on Ahmadiyya publications. If no law declaring Ahmadiyyas non-Muslim is passed in the ongoing parliament session, "it is they who will be held responsible for blocking the passage of the law," he said.

Meanwhile, a number of participants of the conference jeered at a female photojournalist of the AFP and asked her to leave the place, as she did not put on a 'veil.' However, the HKNA leaders intervened and brought the situation under control.

The participants later brought out a procession.