Vol. 4 Num 345 Thu. May 20, 2004  

Prachy: Elegance personified
Shilpi Mahalanabish of The Daily Star (TDS) spoke to talented film actress Rokeya Prachy (RP) recently. The conversation turned to a bit of exciting news--which her fans will love to hear.

TDS: You have been working in a feature film for a while now. Would you amplify on this?

RP: I have been working with director Tarek Masud in his film Antarjatra. The shooting is done. However, a bit of the editing is left. Sara Zaker plays a major role in the movie.

TDS: What else are you involved in at the moment?

RP: I am currently working in a feature film with Mirza Hassan titled Teen Kanyar Galpo. I am also working in several package dramas.

TDS: Would you tell us about the recent offer you have received from a South Indian filmmaker?

RP: The film is on the 1947-Partition, directed by Ariatan Shawkat of South India. Things are still at an initial stage; even the name hasn't yet been decided. I am happy to have received an offer from a foreign film. I am the only performer from Bangladesh. The film will later be dubbed in different languages.

TDS: You are now working with Nagorik, after shifting from yet another theatre group. Doesn't the constant change of theatre groups create a harmful environment for the artiste?

RP: I don't think so. Initially I used to work with Aranyak, then I became involved with Prachyanat. Now I am the working with Nagorik. An artiste should have the freedom to decide.

TDS: Anything special you want to share with your fans?

RP: By the grace of the Almighty, I am tying the knot tomorrow with Asif Nazrul--a Dhaka University teacher of Law. This is a settled marriage. I request my fans to pray for us.

Rokeya Prachy: An actress with talent