Vol. 5 Num 35 Wed. June 30, 2004  
Star Chittagong

A taint in success
None from 14 schools under Chittagong Education Board passes this year's examinations

The overall result of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations under Chittagong Education Board has appeared as a matter of great joy and satisfaction to most of the schools, teachers, guardians and the examinees except 14 schools.

None of 171 candidates from 14 schools passed this year's examinations under the board. Most of the schools are in remote tribal areas.

The institutions are: Momen Sikander Govt High School in Sandwip (total examinees 6), Chinki Astana High School in Mirersarai (2), Hosne Ara Girls High School in Chakaria (13), Haing Khali School in Ukhia (5), Barkal Hazachhari School (9), Harungi Para School (8) and Bhanupur School in Kaukhali (26), Dong Nala School in Kaptai (9), Kattali School in Longodu (12), Barkal Shuvolong School (10), Mahapuram School in Naniarchar (29), Betchhari School (2), Ultachhari School in Mahalchhari (24) and Fansiakhali School in Lama (16).

Board officials attributed the dismal failures to many drawbacks, including poor academic environment and lack of facilities.

"The schools are beset with so many problems. They don't have enough and qualified teachers. Neither they have adequate class rooms nor backup facilities such as scientific materials," Controller of Examinations AYM Obaidul Akbar said.

He said, poverty as well as insincerity of the students was also responsible for this result.

He said, " Any action against these schools solely depends on the ministry. All the examinees from more than 550 educational institutions across the country failed in this year's SSC examinations, he said. So, we cannot take any action against 14 schools separately."

"We are obviously delighted to see that plenty of Grade Point Average (GPA) 5 is scored. This result will encourage our students," he said.

Akbar said that a guideline was given to the examiners not to be so rigid like previous years and give the students their deserving marks.

The reputed schools in the port city once again have emerged as the most successful in terms of obtaining GPA 5 in this year's SSC examinations.

"Such good results are nothing but the outcome of excellent academic atmosphere, good teaching staffs, and sincere efforts of guardians, teachers and the students of our schools," Professor Hasina Zakaria, principal of Ispahani Public School and College and Setara Akhter, headmistress of Dr Khastagir Girls High School said.

A total of 1,209 examinees of 150 schools under the Chittagong Board scored the highest grade point average (GPA) 5 this year whereas only four city schools bagged all the 30 GPA 5 last year.

Of the 1,209 GPA 5, 24 city schools and another school from Cox's Bazar scored 928 in the board. The rest 281 went to 125 schools.

Dr Khastagir Girls High School and Collegiate School have done best. Both the schools obtained 141 GPA 5 each against only three and 11 of last year.

However, Fauzderhat Cadet College came out the best followed by Ispahani Public School and College. A total of 51 students appeared from Fauzderhat College and 44 (86.27 %) secured GPA 5. Out of 110 students of Ispahani School, 85 got the coveted feat (77.27 %) this year. The two institutions got 10 and six GPA 5 last year.

Besides, Bangladesh Mohila Samity Girls High School got 94 GPA 5, Chittagong Govt.High School 56, Nou-Bahini High School and College 51, Nasirabad Govt High School 47, Chittagong Public School and College 36, Govt Girls High School 28, Govt Muslim High School 25, BAF Shaheen School and College 22, Aparna Charan City Corp. Girls High School 17, Bakalia Govt Boys High School 15, St Scholastica Girls School 14, Chittagong University School and College 14, Kapasgola City Corp. Girls High School 13, Chittagong Urea Fertiliser School and College 13 and Cantonment High School 12.

Cox's Bazar Govt Girls High School showed the best performance with 10 GPA 5 followed by Chakaria Korak Biddyapit 9 and Cox's Bazar Boys High School 8.

Students of Dr. Khastogir (Govt.) Girls' High School in the port city celebrate their achievements in the SSC examination in presence of their teachers, left. A girl who achieved GPA 5 hugs her mother in joy Right. PHOTO: STAR