Vol. 5 Num 35 Thu. July 01, 2004  

Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation (June 17-July 23)
Dhaka Drama Festival 2004
Good Bye Dhaka: A mediocre production
The organisers of Dhaka Drama Festival-2004 had to face harsh criticism from viewers for allowing a poor drama to be staged. On June 29, a good part of the audience left the Experimental Theatre Stage at the interval of Vashkar Natyadal's production Good Bye Dhaka. Mahmudul Haque a businessman said, ' I do not get enough time to go to the Mahila Shamity Moncha regularly to watch theatre. I thought Dhaka Drama Festival-2004 is a reliable source of information about groups staging quality productions. However, productions such as Good Bye Dhaka will decrease popular interest in the production of the rising groups. Moreover, there are many talented groups which have the potential to stage quality productions. I think the organisers should have selected 30 plays at the festival.'

Nazrul Islam Khan's play Good Bye Dhaka represents all the dark sides of the metropolitan city Dhaka.

The storyline of the play: Rahim and Karim are two educated and innocent men from the village in search of a job in Dhaka. Through their experience in the city, the playwright points out some of the evil sides of the city such as hijackings, drug pedaling , cheating and terrorism. At the end of the play, the dramatist gives a call to the urban dwellers to leave this corruption-laden city.

The direction of the play is below standard. Nazrul Islam Khan's directorial works should be improved.

Jahidur Rahman's concept to create the atmosphere of a park on the stage by using only six small plants with tubs was too simplistic. The light design of the play was also simple but effective.

The performers of Good Bye Dhaka lacked concentration. The viewers could not understand whether the actors were acting or rehearsing in front of the audience.

After the festival theatre will go to a long way
M Hamid
M Hamid, the presidium member of Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation as well as the president of Natyachakra thinks that after the Drama Festival-2004, theatre in Bangladesh will traverse afar.

Hamid said, 'After the closure of Guide House Hall, the theatre groups of Bangladesh have become dependent on the Mahila Shamity Mancha. I think the Experimental Theatre Stage can solve the crisis to some degree. The modern theatre hall is convenient for quality performance.'

'I think more theatre halls should be established in the different corners of Dhaka city. Traffic congestion is so acute that people living far away from the Baily road avoid our rich theatre. Moreover, it is necessary to build theatre halls in the major cities outside Dhaka.' Hamid added.

Hamid further said that his group Natyachakra will stage their most popular play Bhaddornak (Gentleman) in the festival.

Ershad Kamol

Schedules (July 01-July 05)
July 01
Play: Kanjush (Moliere)
Adapted by Tariq Anam Khan
Director: Liaquat Ali Lucky
Group: Loko Natya Dal

July 02
Play: Shat Ghater Kanakari
Playwright & Director: Momtazuddin Ahmed
Group: Theatre (Arambagh)

July 03
Play: Court Martial
Playwright and Director: SM Solaiman
Group: Theatre Art Natyadal

July 04
Play: Babar Biye
Playwright: Munir Hossain
Director: Mahbubur Rahman
Group: Padadhwani Theatre

July 05
Play: Buddhu
Playwright: Abdul Halim Aziz
Director: Jahangir Kabir Bakul
Group: Drishtipat Natyadal

July 06
Play: Aamar Shantan Aamar Aanchal
Plywright: Abdullah Al Mamun
Director: Rawshan Ara Hossain
Group: Nagarik Natyangan Emsemble

Venue: Experimental Theatre Stage at Shilpakala Academy; Time: 7 pm
Tickets are available at Sagar Publishers, Baily Road and at the venue before shows.
Prices: Tk. 30, Tk. 50 and Tk. 100.
Schedules, provided by BGTF, are subject to change without any prior notice.

A sequence from the play Good Bye Dhaka